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Recent Future

Recent work and new directions

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Aluminum plate -- title: War of the Roses
War of the Roses -- Aluminum plate with chased rose detail. To commemrate women's suffrage.
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Copper plate study
Bird -- Chased copper plate with partial study of a silver box in the British Museum.
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Copper plate study of Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great -- Copper plate study of medallion in the British Museum.
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Aluminum bowl
Tea Cup -- Study in aluminum of a 12th century tea cup in the Met.
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Copper plate study
Study of a cast bronze plate by Alexander-Louis-Marie Charpentier in copper.
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Aluminum plate w/ lizard and beetle
Aluminum plate with chased / repousse lizard and beetle.
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Aluminum plate with hummingbird
Aluminum plate with chased / repousse scene of hummingbird feeding.
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Copper push plate with finger
Antimicrobial push plate with chased / repousse finger.


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Iron and aluminum mirror with elephant back
Elephant Mirror -- Forged iron stand with elephant detail chased in aluminum.
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Large hand mirror with frog detail
Large forged iron hand mirror with chased frog decoration and brazed accents.
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Standing iron mirror with chased aluminum raven
Nevermore -- Forged iron table top mirror with raven chased in aluminum.
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Iron hand mirror with chased aluminum lips
The Kiss -- Forged iron hand mirror with lips chased in aluminum.
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Folding mirrof with eyes
Forged iron folding mirror with chased eyes.
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Table top mirror with chased rose
Forged iron table top mirror with rose chased in aluminum.
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Forged iron mirror with alumimum detail
The Mask -- Forged iron mirror with abstract mask chased in aluminum.


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Mixed metal medicine cabinet insert
Medicine Cabinet -- Mixed metal and multiple techniques.
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Copper and iron feather
Copper feather with steel spine.
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Forged iron arm
Iron arm -- Full size forged iron arm.
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Childs torso made of straight pins
Undefended -- Pre-teen girls torso made from straight pins soldered together.


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Forged iron cremation urn
Eternal -- Forged and fabricated iron urn.
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Iron and stainless steel vessel.
Blue Lotus -- Forged iron and stainless steel vessel.
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Iron and stainless steel vessel.
Still Temple -- Forged iron and stainless steel duplex vessel.
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Forged iron bowl on legs
Delicate Balance -- Forged iron bowl on legs with lid.
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Forged iron vessel
Bob -- Forged iron vessel.


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Custom aluminum and iron side table
Side table -- Aluminum and iron side table. The owner asked for it to include some sort of nod to Las Vegas. I added a stylized tribute to the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign.
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iPhone-8 cover
Chased copper iPhone cover. Egyptian cat.
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Forged iron bowls
Ugly Bowls -- Forged iron bowls.
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Hand made iron side chair
Pullman Chair -- Hand made iron chair with galvanized steel back.


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Forged iron queen size bed frame.
Forged iron queen size bed frame made in collaboration with Harmony Forge -- Santa Fe, NM.
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Brushed stainlss steel table base
Brushed stainless steel table base.
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Serpentine coffee shop table and stools
Java Joe's -- Serpentine table, bar tables and stools.
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Table top woven from copper and brass strap
Table top of copper and brass strap woven in a herring bone pattern.
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Table base made for Producers the movie
Coffee table bases for the 2005 filmThe Producers. Two were needed: one painted brown, the other white. Modeled after an antique table that couldn't be danced on.
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Stepford Wives coat hook
End of the coat rack made for the men's association house in the 2004 The Stepford Wives
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Bronze ball finials
Bronze finials for custom drapery hardware.


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Martex showroom furniture
Display furniture for the Martex showroom NY, NY.
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Martex bed frame
Bed frame for Martex showroom in the shop with the shop cat as model.